Information on the supply RFID equipment for Schools, Colleges, Universities and Hospitals as well as Local and Central Government Departments

AbleID Supply Schools, Colleges, Universities and Hospitals as well as Government Departments, with RFID equipment, such as RFID tags, RFID Readers and Card Printers. Our ISO RFID PVC Cards are very popular with Government Establishments as we provide High Quality RFID Equipment at very low prices. For Example, ISO RFID Cards are used as Cashless Catering, Dinner cards for pupils, students and staff, or Student ID cards. We can also help source the correct equipment for your School, College, University or Hospital RFID project. Please visit here for selection of RFID ISO PVC Cards Or look through our website for RFID Tags or RFID Readers  

Please send us your Purchase Order via Fax: +44 (0)845 474 2006, or email once we set you up on our system your goods can be shipped out quickly, on most occasions within a couple of days. We will also offer you the price quoted on the website, if you require an alternative quote or need to source any other type of RFID Equipment please ask as our website lists a fraction of what we can offer we can usually help you source the best equipment for your project and of course offer you the helping hand to choose the right equipment.

We look forward to hearing from you, if you do have any questions please email or call +44 (0)845 474 2001 and we will respond as soon as possible.