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pcProx® Playback

pcProx® Playback
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pcProx 13.56 MHz products meet a variety of needs in multiple situations. These products leverage current NXP MIFARE and HID™ iCLASS™ badge investments and existing control systems while expanding technologies and applications with a single badge solution.

The pcProx Playback interfaces contactless cards to existing applications and systems without the need to change or update these systems. There is no need to deploy software. The plug-and-play pcProx Playback reader delivers user data from the contactless card to the desired application or machine. Data may be written to the card using the pcProx Writer. In many cases, the Playback reader can be configured to read data already on the card. The reader is instantaneously configurable, allowing users to change the location being read on the contactless card. There is no need for pilot tests, training, software updates, technical support, licenses or the hassle of incompatibilities since no software is deployed. This multi-application reader delivers strong benefits to the user: easy plug-and-play, contactless operation, and cost savings.


If you are looking to purchase an RS232 version of a playback starter kit, please call our Sales department at (866) 439-4884.



  • Improve organizational workflow
  • Eliminate errors associated with individual identification
  • Eliminates manual entry
  • Customizable to work with any card solution for any size corporation
  • Protect and secure sensitive information
  • Meets various industry compliance requirements (when used with appropriate application solution)
  • Employee familiarity with existing badges
  • Enhances investment of single badges
  • Expands application selections



  • PC/LAN or application log-on
  • Time and attendance
  • Employee identification
  • Mag-stripe and bar-code replacement
  • Form filler to existing software applications
  • Truck scales
  • PLC and embedded controllers
  • Point-of-sale/vending


  • No software required on server or client
    Utilizes a plug-and-play USB, RS-232, or Wiegand output.
  • Multi-application solution 
    Allows for several applications to be stored on a single contactless credential.
  • Security
    Contactless cards offer unique features such as cryptographic data storage, mutual authentication, secure reading/writing of data, and user defined access keys.
  • pcProx Playback USB seamlessly interfaces with any system or existing software 
    Playback reads and sends back as keystrokes. User data provides seamless integration, which can be used for a one or two-factor logon application.
  • pcProx Playback RS-232 reader easily interfaces to existing software, PLCs, point-of-sale terminals and other equipment
    The Playback Reader sends data as ASCII characters.
  • pcProx Playback Wiegand easily outputs data to any device accepting Wiegand data
  • Platform independent and versatile 
    Supports any operating system with USB, Windows® 2000/XP, Citrix®, UNIX®, Linux, Vista, thin clients, and more.

Industry Compliant

  • Medical/Healthcare HIPAA Compliant
    When used as a log-on reader
  • CJIS Compliant
    All pcProx readers are CJIS compliant and designed to keep law enforcement and criminal justice organizations current with compliance requirements
  • IP67 Compliant
    pcProx and pcProx Plus Surface Mount Only—When the IP67 Surface Mount reader is installed in accordance with the IP67 Surface Mount instructional guide

Supported Cards

  • HID™ iCLASS™ technology


Operating Conditions

  • Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Typical Maximum Read Range: 2.0” – 4.0” (5.0 – 10.0 cm) with PVC ID cards; 1.0” – 1.5” (2.5 – 3.8 cm) with key fobs

Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: (Desktop) 3 3/8” x 2” x 0.6” (8.57 x 5.08 x 1.52cm) 
  • Weight: 4.0 oz (113.39g)
  • Housing Color: Desktop - Black, Pearl; Surface Mount - Black, White
  • Mounting Options: Surface mount housing can be easily mounted on panels, kiosks, and other indoor applications. It is designed for mounting with 1” #8 screws only (not included), at a maximum force of 6.25 in/lbs. Desktop reader has an articulated cable for easy placement on desktops, counters, and more. The IP67 compliant readers must be installed according to the installation guide (enclosed with all units).
  • Cable Length: 6”, 16” & 60” (Custom Lengths Available. Call our Sales department at (866) 439-4884)
  • Indicators: Tri-state LED, dual tone beeper
  • Power Supply: USB Self-powered; Serial RS-232 via a pass-thru PS/2 connector or power supply adapter: several power options exist
  • Interface: USB, Serial RS-232
  • Ports/Styles: USB, RS-232

Environmental Usage

  • Operating Temperature Range: -22° to 150°F (-30° to 65°C)
  • Operating Humidity Range: 5% to 95% relative humidity, noncondensing
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40° to 185°F (-40° to 85°C)

General Information

  • Certifications: FCC, United States; CE Mark, Europe; C-TICK, RoHS, Industry Canada, UL
  • Warranty: One year for material/workmanship defects; see complete policy for details.

Form Factor Data Sheets


The desktop, which is the standard housing, can be placed anywhere on the desktop. Featuring an articulated cable it can easily be mounted on kiosks, monitors, time clocks, and more. Optional base and mounting brackets expand placement options.


Surface Mount

The Surface Mount card readers are specifically designed for applications such as kiosks, time & attendance, point of sale, hoteling, meeting attendance, as well as others which require special mounting versatility. These readers mount easily with two screws and fit in a single-gang electrical box.


USB Part Numbers

Part Number Description
RDR-7085AKU pcProx Playback Black Desktop with HID™ iCLASS™ technology USB
RDR-7585AKU pcProx Playback Black Desktop MIFARE USB
RDR-7585APU pcProx Playback Pearl Desktop MIFARE USB
RDR-75W5AKU pcProx Playback Black Surface Mount MIFARE USB



Serial Part Numbers

Part Number Description
RDR-7085AK0 pcProx Playback Black Desktop with HID™ iCLASS™ technology USB CDC Virtual COM
RDR-7085AK2 pcProx Playback Black Desktop with HID™ iCLASS™ technology Serial 5V PS2 RS232
RDR-7085AK5 pcProx Playback Black Desktop with HID™ iCLASS™ technology Serial 5V Pin 9 RS232
RDR-7085AK7 pcProx Playback Black Desktop with HID™ iCLASS™ technology Serial 9V Ext Pwr Supply RS232
RDR-7085AK9 pcProx Playback Black Desktop with HID™ iCLASS™ technology Serial 5V USB Power Tap
RDR-7585AK0 pcProx Playback Black Desktop MIFARE USB USB CDC Virtual COM
RDR-7585AK2 pcProx Playback Black Desktop MIFARE USB Serial 5V PS2 RS232
RDR-7585AK5 pcProx Playback Black Desktop MIFARE USB Serial 5V Pin 9 RS232
RDR-75W5AK5 pcProx Playback Black Desktop MIFARE USB Serial 5V Pin 9 RS232
RDR-7585AK7 pcProx Playback Black Desktop MIFARE USB Serial 9V Ext Pwr Supply RS232
RDR-7585AK9 pcProx Playback Black Desktop MIFARE USB Serial 5V USB Power Tap



Starter Kit Part Numbers

Part Number Description
KT-AIRIDL-UU pcProx Playback Starter Kit Black Desktop with HID™ iCLASS™ technology USB
KT-AIRIDM-UU pcProx Playback Starter Kit Black Desktop MIFARE USB

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