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RS-102 UHF RFID Pipe Riser Tag

RS-102 UHF RFID Pipe Riser Tag
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Model:  RS-102UHFRFIDPipeRiserTag

RS-102 UHF RFID Pipe Riser Tag

The patent-pending TROI RS-102 Adhesive-backed Large Pipe / Cylinder – RISER RFID tag provides automatic identification and tracking capabilities never-before available in such a unique package designed for rugged or hazardous use-areas.

The rubber-covered tag is designed to be mounted to any metallic surface by using one of three methods: 1) the optional embedded magnets, 2) the peel-n-stick adhesive option, or 3) epoxying it on any pipe or round metal object. For best results it is recommended that the tag be over-coated using TROI’s AP-1 Adhesive_Paint.

The RS-102 can withstand unprecedented high temperature (consistent temperatures of 200 degrees Centigrade), high pressure and severe environmental conditions

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170 mm (6.7 inches) Long x 25 mm (0.98 inches) Wide x 7 mm (0.276 inches) High

RS-102 UHF RFID Pipe Riser Tag

RS-102 UHF RFID Pipe Riser Tag

                                             RS-102 UHF RFID Pipe Riser Tag


Device type

Passive RFID tag

UHF (Ultra High Frequency band)

Air interface protocol

EPCGlobal Class1Gen2 / ISO/IEC 18000-6C

Operational frequency

865 - 928 MHz

IC options

Standard: Alien Higgs 3 (others on request)

Optional: EM, Fujitsu, Impinj, NXP (others on request)

EPC memory size

Standard: 128 bit

Optional: Up to 240 bit

EPC memory content

Unique 96-bit number encoded

Extended memory

Standard: 512 bit


Factory-programmed, non-changeable, unique 64-bit ID.

Read range

Real-world: 1 – 2 meters

Lab environment: 7 meters

Applicable surfaces

Any metallic material

Tag material

HVP rubber

Tensile strength

2500 psi minimum


Shore A 60-70


400% minimum

Drop test to asphalt

2 meters with 5 Kg’s attached; 250+ times (competition fails at 20)

2 meters with 8 Kg’s attached; 150+ times (competition fails immediately)

2 meters with 18Kg’s attached; 25+ times (competition fails immediately)

Standards compliancy


Product RoHS compliant?





















Environmental Specifications

Operating temperature

-50ºC to +200ºC*

-50ºF to +392 ºF*

Temperature Cycling Test

85 deg C continuous for 30-days - with no negative affect

85 deg C / -25 deg C shock for 7 days - with no negative affect

125 deg C continuous for 7 days - with no negative affect

160 deg C continuous for 7 days - tag becomes brittle, but functions

200 deg C for 24 hours – with no negative affect

IP classification


EN 62262 IK-25

- Complete protection against dust

- Protection against continuous immersion in water

Weather resistance

Excellent, including UV-resistance and sea water immersion

Pressure resistance

RFID tag tested to 30,000 PSI for 30 days

Chemical resistance

No physical or performance changes in:
- Salt water

- NaOH (depending on concentration)

- Sulfuric acid (depending on concentration)

- Motor oil (tested in 168 hour exposure)

Generally good against:

- Most solvents

- Most acids and bases




















* NOTE: The RFID tag will not be functional if the tag is left at the maximum indicated temperatures such that the internal soak temperature exceeds +80 deg C. The RFID tag itself will (resume) function between -50 deg C and +80 deg C.