iX5, Long Range RFID 125 KHz, Anti-collision RFID Reader, EM, 125KHz,
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iX5-Long Range Anti-collision RFID Reader EM 125KHz

iX5-Long Range Anti-collision RFID Reader EM 125KHz
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Model:  iX5-LongRangeAnti-collisionRFIDReaderEM

iX5-Long Range Anti-collision RFID Reader EM 125KHz

  • 125 KHz 64bit Manchester Encoding
  • EM4001/EM4100 anti-collision reader
  • Range:Up to 80cm
  • Power:5V
  • Reads 6 Cards simultaneously
  • Dimensions:220*220(mm)

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The iX5 is an EM4001/EM4100 anti-collision reader that simultaneously reads multiple cards. Strictly speaking it is a collision reader because it reads all the cards at the same time. Contrary to popular conception this is not impossible, just damn difficult, and we do it using DSP processing. What is more, it is blazingly fast because it reads all the cards simultaneously not one at a time like anti-collision readers. Neither does the iX5 require special anti-collision cards or waste read time with arbitration, in fact no other 125KHz multi card reader can read three cards in just 40mS. Ideal for conveyor belts, logistics and other long range readers where signal data collisions are unavoidable. Read ranges up to 80cm are possible.
The iX5 reader is a great way to integrate anti-collision functions into existing EM4001/4100 systems . Down time can be reduced or even eliminated and the anti-collision part can fit seamlessly with the existing system. The iX5 beats other 125khz anti-collision readers in nearly all aspects yet the cards are inexpensive because they use the standard EM4001 format neither is the reader itself expensive because it uses smart DSP technology not costly hardware. It is also super fast, no other reader can compare. The range is long yet the power requirement is low and the reader size is small. One drawback is that as the number of cards in the field increases the read time and range tends to decrease as the number of cards approaches the maximum of 6 but in fairness other 125khz anti-collision systems start taking long times to read 6 cards or more and they can get very fussy about tag positioning. The iX5 is ideal for applications such as inventories and conveyor belts.