ID-70, Long Range 125KHz, Low Frequency, LF, Fixed RFID Reader
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ID-70 & ID70S Long Range 125KHz Low Frequency LF Fixed RFID Reader

ID-70 & ID70S Long Range 125KHz Low Frequency LF Fixed RFID Reader
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Model:  ID70

ID-70 & ID70/S Long Range 125KHz Low Frequency LF Fixed RFID Reader

***Note - The ID70 Has a Built in Internal Antenna. The ID70S is a new model and comes with an External Antenna it has no internal antenna.

*ID-70s is a special design for the external antenna.
Normally the ID-70 Antenna and Reader are put in one plastic case. The ID-70S is a new type of ID-70, in which the antenna is separated from the Reader.
The ID-70S package include:
* 1 pcs Antenna (plastic case) same with ID-70case.
* 1 pcs Reader (metal box)
* 3 pc Cable. 2 cables have plugs at both ends for connecting the Reader and antenna. 1 cable with a plug at one end and soldering leads at the other end. This is for the power supply and Reader output format programming).

  • 125 KHz 64bit Reader
  • Power:12VDC
  • Range:60-110(cm)
  • Dimensions:220*220(mm)
  • Very Long Read Range 100cm
  • Through-wall and hands free applications
  • Auto-Tuning
  • Strong Water Resistant Enclosure
  • Readers can operate 150cm apart - New
  • Six Output Formats - New
  • Large Beeper - New
  • External antenna available for *D-70s (see
    attached introduction)

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The ID-70 is a stylish hi-tech reader with integral auto-tuning for the EM4102 (Sokymat Unique) and similar tags. Read ranges of up to 70cm are possible using an ISO card while some clamshell cards have extended range of up to 110cm. The ID-70 is suitable for through-wall, hands-free and logistic and industrial applications. There are two output modes RS232 and Wiegand. The RS232 data is transmitted as 10 ASCII characters in 9600:N,8,1format and the Wiegand is sent in 26 bit format. The ID-70 is potted for environmental protection. Power requirements are 12volt at 140-220mA - very low for such high performance.

The ID70S is new and provides an option for an External Antenna which is a new feature, please chose this option when purchasing if you require this feature.